The Words of Rev. Dr. Peter Marshall

Reverend Dr. Peter Marshall was U.S. Senate chaplain 1947 – 1949 when he passed away at an early age. His words need to be re-aired for all the Senate and all the House and all the people of this country and the world right now.

Although his religion is Christian he speaks for every religion and all people. G-d has many names so substitute the name of G-d you know in place of the Christian one.

The Truth is ours and our truth is the Human truth you are born with and is the seed of all the religions founded on this planet before the man used it to make him himself a god on earth. We are all connected by the Truth we have inside, only we do not have familiarity with it because it still must be found and taught or self taught. We are only learning physical survival from what we actually are taught and these days which makes us more like intellectual animals than true human beings.

Adam and Eve, Cain and Abel, Noah, Abraham, Moses, David and Solomon, Jesus and Mohammed are all Middle Eastern, Western cultural figures and historical ones who lived in times and places and with others who have historical contexts of their own besides the old and new testaments.

Adam and Eve do not but the story or legend resembles biological facts of our bodies. Male and female exists in both genders and the difference between genders is what – a single extra chromosome in the female. Mother Woman is the physical human representative of Mother Earth. When we respect and love Mother Woman we naturally feel to love Mother Earth. G-d can’t be Father only if G-d created us he’s got some good woman in him!

Noah could very well be he history of fabled Atlantis. The new technologies we have today are uncovering so many things and with the help of the internet which is really is a physical invention of our inner natural connectedness to each other in the nature web of life, we are seeing what governments and scientists have already discovered and don’t want to talk about.

The (his)story of Cain and Able could be a fable right? But it looks to me like our real history: A father asks his two boys to do something for him and he likes what one did and not the other. The other gets angry with his Dad – why you like his and not mine he thinks. His pride is hurt and vainly he seeks to comfort himself finding only solace in taking his anger out on his brother who he now envies. Yeah, he could have asked his father how he could do better next time and gone to congratulate his brother and see what he did that was so great. But, no, he loses his time in getting more angry and he eventually gives in to what? The devil in him? Kills his brother and so starts our history of war and all the psychological problems we have that attend to fighting. Our inner psychology contains the enemies, not other people. Our egos are our problems and we are not taught, especially these days, to know how to manage our own self.

So, Reverend Dr. Peter Marshall led the prayers in the United States Senate for two years from 1947 to 1949. Our Senators need to hear these prayers again. Our leaders need to get in step with the right conduct as individuals not just as party members. All of us we (love you Gil Scot Heron) need these words.

We really must recover them. I leave it to you my friend to look for them. They’re around like all the other information, it’s available for you. Google it and get it.






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