I am

I am son But have no father I am not father So I have no sons I have windows To see through But no door for father and son That special door only fathers and sons can walk through I am son But lost my mother I can make sons To be father and mother […]

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A.M.N.L.A.E. Revolution started as ours did, handfuls of untrained farmers with plowshares and old guns but with a formidable purpose; to overthrow a tyrant. Young mothers and fathers and field hands took up arms to fight for freedom, convinced in their hearts by an inaudible sound – the march of truth in the human breast. […]

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The President’s Speech

  I see the President’s 2020 State of the Union speech as a hearkening of the old myth and Manifesto of our country’s greatness called ‘Manifest Destiny’. It is the mythological history from the perspective of Northern European Protestant White people who want us to believe this great country was built by them and had […]

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Over time all rise and fall with only a change in name of person or place or thing. Keeping absolute balance without going any where. What goes up has to come down. What is down has to rise up. It is a law of cosmos. The circle remains the same Until our nature is changed […]

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