The President’s Speech


I see the President’s 2020 State of the Union speech as a hearkening of the old myth and Manifesto of our country’s greatness called ‘Manifest Destiny’. It is the mythological history from the perspective of Northern European Protestant White people who want us to believe this great country was built by them and had its origins in them. It is a vain-glorious story of self-sanctified deeds which went astray from original principles of Christian faith values and begged for a term, a label, ‘Manifest Destiny’.

The President and his party of followers is not even content to leave it in the past but now threads it through present day and into a future America on another planet, the lands of an American Mars. I am not so assured that the Martian population will abide, nor can anyone ascertain their powers. Can people of Christian faith and any and all faiths’ values reasonably and emotionally feel that the deeds of the writers of this Manifesto of Destiny in America should be done anew in another land?

These Manifest people are inclusive of no one else but themselves and those who are somehow White-like and Protestant-like. Theirs is a cultural psychology of work ethic to produce good works but also of self-pride, an angry, warlike spirit and a narrow-minded view of their own worth above all others. And, above all that, human greed. Good works also go astray when pride, anger and greed coalesce around them.

Platitudinous words are sought after to re-mind the faithful of the pride and glory of ‘Manifest Destiny’ to cover deeds that have strayed from the guiding principles of true faith values. Such is evident in many of us today, and, unfortunately in many of our nation’s leaders.

Words do matter. Words have force. Words create. Words destroy. Words promote peace. Words cause war. Words cause hurt or help. But deeds must matter more than words because words can be used like lullabies to hush us to giving too much thought to the deeds.

The use of ‘Manifest Destiny’ is the desire to re-establish the legitimacy of the deeds history has already ascribed to it good and bad. Usually words precede deeds but in the case of these Manifest people some of the very bad deeds preceded the words. To build this country from colonial times, the Manifest Rulers enslaved another race, treated them as chattel, sold off their children. Upon becoming America, they enshrined this deed into their Founding manifestos, into ‘Forever’ words; Slaves are to be three-fifths of a human being. Deeds came first to create the place for Slaves in America as imagined by a different Race from across the ocean, then came words in stone. How very nice. How perfect.

The Slaves’ work accounted for so much of the wealth of half this nation but to extend the work to more land required gaining it. The gains were made through colonization, then Revolution, then Treaties and purchases with European nations, and, for the most part, grand larceny broken treaties and murder down to the levels of cultural and physical genocide of the lands’ Native Populations. Drawing on present day accounts in China where a large indigenous people of different beliefs are being forcibly stripped of their identity by the Communist Manifesto Regime, and, which the current Presidential administration says it condemns, we don’t see a parallel? – to the unjust and cruel treatment of our Native brothers and sisters? Don’t we?

And now? Since Slaves have been freed by word and written law for 150 years, the Freed Slaves indeed have never been permitted the same opportunities as the Manifest Destiny group  so they are not able to produce for themselves their own wealth. Meaning what? That the Manifest Government policy is really saying: “Well you black folks are no longer Slaves to work for us White folks to build up our wealth, so, then, well, we just are not going to allow you to build up your own – even according to your merits! Yes, indeed, you Black folks have been intentionally De-Merited.”

Proven by his own words, the President De-merits everyone else. Immigrants of color and from different cultures who have consistently, repeatedly and famously built and fought for this country are now tacitly considered likewise by the Manifest Rulers; three-fifths of a human, not slaves in name. Together with Native Americans and Free Slaves are the Chinese, Mexicans, Japanese, Guatemalans, Hondurans, Salvadorans, Ecuadorians and Muslims and Women of all the Races and Creeds.

In the President’s very windy speech he weaves into this Sunken tapestry the name of G-d and then bashes the brown immigrants from Latin America – without whose hard work not many companies in this country would be able to do without – by taking several minutes in the speech colorfully describing a murder and robbery spree of one identifiable illegal alien from one of these countries. I really do not suppose the President believes it as much as he probably just felt the need to sprinkle a little color on the Altar of White Supremacy which is, of course, as we have been saying all along, draped in the foils of ‘Manifest Destiny’.

It can be hoped for that this speech is enshrined as the ‘Last Hurrah’ to the myth of ‘Manifest Destiny’ and we can start to put credit where credit is due and to which I add this also, though it may seem contrary to this writing; the Great and everlasting credit due to the White Protestant Nation of England who has given to the World, through their constant internal struggles, the Rights of the Common Man, that no one is above the Law, King and Pauper having the same rights in the Courts, and the System of self-governance the whole wide world feels is worth fighting for. Amen to us all.

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