Revolution started as ours did, handfuls of untrained farmers with plowshares and old guns but with a formidable purpose; to overthrow a tyrant.

Young mothers and fathers and field hands took up arms to fight for freedom, convinced in their hearts by an inaudible sound – the march of truth in the human breast.

The invisible light of truth made imaginable to their minds and will a concrete path destined toward freedom from the grip of a tyrant.

Sound and sight, fury and fight brought close those dear prospects of social democracy filled with civil liberties and civil rights for all.

Providence smiled favorably on both revolutions, theirs and ours, and success occurred in those parallel moments in time.

– but what can really be said of the enduring results of those moments?

– husbands and fathers, sons and brothers quickly took power in their own fists quietly putting the necessary and beneficial contributions from their wives and daughters, their mothers and sisters into the shadows of history.

Thinking nothing of the respect and gratitude owed to their female counterparts to procure liberty and civil rights, the men also denied respect and gratitude to Mother Earth.


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