The Journey Begins

Where are you at in your journey?

Close our eyes and what do we see? Is the darkness all we see?
Is the darkness blocking the light? Do we see any light, image? A passing dream?
Open our eyes and we may be able to see light and the world around us. If we can see the light outside of our selves then must we have light within? Ponder this. Search for Inspiration. If we can perceive that we have a light inside us then that is the place from where we can draw Inspiration to our mental thoughts and write them down.

Remember yourself, breathe, hold, exhale, close the eyes, imagine, perceive, review your experiences. See what really happened, what got said, remember details, search for the hidden-in-the-moment details by eliminating the emotions of the moment when you review the day. Now start writing them down. If you were dreaming, then remember yourself in your dream and search for things. Practice, imagine, perceive.

Perhaps it’s music you hear and want to write down a melody–do you know the musical alphabet?




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