musings on 7/25/2018

In the 4am’s perceived an understanding of ‘turn the other cheek’. It is not to be physically hit on one and then give the other to receive punishment. No, it is not about allowing our self to be abused. Yes it is to let the words of the unwise, the sowers of discord, the haters pass by on the one side and then on the other side…words passing by.

How to accomplish this? And what is the result?

Must practice the Art in day to day battles in this psychological gym of daily life to open mind to know that cannot take things personally. Because, we are all persons and all of us say and do things at our own convenience. When I accept the words against my person by another person I become part of the problem of the other person. Then we can neither help ourselves as our calm is upset by the words nor can we help the other person who is just crying out loud unable to internally deal with their own problem.

If I center myself in this notion and imagine the visual of turning the other cheek when personally attacked with words, may be able to start to crawl the crawl, walk the walk allow words to pass by on one side, then pass on the other so can have less impact on my own tranquility.

The results? They are two-fold:
I preserve my own peace which radiates to others in my vicinity, a web of peace. More web, more peace, more attacks rendered peaceful, so, see war is the same in that everything starts with the meyouusweall. Peace within and peace without.

And then this is the reason why the Man from Galilee is truly called the Prince of Peace.

But it shows believing is not the same as doing. And following the Example of the Exemplary Ones is about my doing what they did and practicing it until perfect. ‘Be ye more perfect…’ comes from practice, practice, practice and knowing we need help with our psychological problems so I ask for help. Knock the door, tap on the window pane, ask for assistance—learning that’s about my problems. My conflicts are all inner ones. I have to know that my enemy is within, imprisoned with the who I think I am in the dungeons of my mind. I need to release the Beautiful self, the stars who we really are trapped somewhere in the dark…


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