it’s a celebration!

Let’s celebrate each other’s differences. we bring more to the table when everyone brings their own dishes. we enjoy it more and we learn how to make it by sharing all the cooking secrets. and we get to know each other when we do the break bread together thing.

So, the native American hoop represents all the world’s people, places and things, past and present. the colors are the colors of our skin, red, yellow, black or brown, white. the hoop dances celebrate the harmony of all beings, things and the directions of all beings and things in out or between.

We Americans have the distinct advantage of having in all corners of our great beautiful country all the colors, all the places, all the things of which all the world is made. when we celebrate our differences by bringing our unique individual, culture and knowledge to the Thanksgiving table, we become One for the time we share.

When we celebrate every day in this way we bring daily peace and harmony to our Oneness. we own the distinction of having a great diversity of peoples and cultures here in America. from this we can fashion a circle of hands in hands, moving clockwise like a clockwise tornado of positive human connection and understanding.

This American uniqueness of having a melting pot society is strong itself as we know hybrids are healthier and have fewer problems than pure breeds have. when we celebrate our differences and the beauty of our ways we amplify our bonds and make them stronger. with strength we take it higher converging our diverse views and perspectives into focus to solve societal problems, so wisely, that will have to lead to prosperity and peace for all us we.

The destiny of this Nation of new comers and native Americans is this way or just could begin continuing today to be this way. it is never too late to change. you can take it from old Ebenezer. each individual must do their part; don’t look at what anyone else does. just we all do it as individuals first. society is the sum of each one of us.

And, so, the sum of Americans in America should surely be so much greater than its individual persons alone. we did not start off doing the sharing and caring as well as we should gave done, but the Glory of our written beginnings gives us a strong foothold to keep us of one mind, to lift up ourselves and each other, little by little, to the Promise of America, the American Creed of bounty and goodness. we can still make it happen. any time we decide to do it, we can make it happen. we can all be in harmony and peace, eating and sharing and enjoying with each other, the delicious fruits of our Creation and of our own making. let’s get it going y’all !!

Don Kyotay

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