Introduction and premise:

If poetry comes from the Heart, then does the Heart have its own thinking and ways to communicate with the see-saw Brain?

This is first and foremost about Love, Love, Love

It’s about Heartstrings, about pulling on Heartstrings.

It’s about Love, Heartstrings out of tune, a little brittle, dusty, discolored, dishonored, disrespected, lonesome, in dissolution, down

It’s about Love. It’s a look inside, at the mess, the look of hurt, the feeling of pain, the look away, find the cover, close it back up, forget about it.

Years go by, eyes focused outside, finding excuse we need on auto keep away the ancient pains…it’s forgotten.

It’s about Remembering It. It’s about Love.

The dark places, the covered places, it’s about the Light of Love. It’s about peeking back into your Heart when Life brings a new circumstance that causes us pain and we don’t understand why, why it keeps happening to Us.

It’s about Love. It’s about Courage. It’s about the Pain. It’s about Remembering Ourselves.

We must Remember Ourselves. Where and when did Pain begin? The start of our Heart’s dismemberment. Our disjointed Heart.

It’s about taking the Light of Love as we imagine seeing fresh in the Light our Heart’s wounds.

Oh, yes! I Remember! Oh Yes! I can’t look further. Too much Pain! But Oh! I am curious, I want to see what happened to me…so long ago that it keeps me in pain in present times.

BURN that Light Bright! Let Love start to open your eyes! What did I do to deserve all these years of hurt feelings, all the self-deceptions, the cover-ups, all the False conclusions drawn from not looking at the Facts of my Heart’s Case, leading me to Nowhere again, what a Waste.

But can I turn it around? Can I do it now, change I, Myself, what can I Hope for? Recovery. Courage to see with the Light, feel the Pain again and work it through the Heart to Dissolve it, end it, cut the painful fuse box and it’s extension into my Present. You! painful past I, do not belong in my Present. Be done with You. I choose to Liberate Myself from the I of this Pain.

It’s the Living Light of Self-Forgiveness, Self-Justice, held in the one hand inside My Heart, and a Sword in my other, cut, cut cut the emotional connection of past now analyzed in the Light, seen for what they were, disposed of, My Heart is Lighter, happier. The old pains have no more Power over Me!

Healing has begun, renewed courage to face the present with a blank slate, a little wiser, more experienced, attracting new circumstances, better possibilities, changes come to present relationships, making some better, some fall off, feelings that are new to Us, reactions that are new to Us, new Pathways in the Heart, new connections in the Brain.

It’s about the Healing power of Love’s Light in intimate Hands that make us to Realize: the Truth of our Inner Sanctum is too often ensconced in the scars formed by pain we feel overwhelmed by and leave to forget but still lives to hurt Us again and again; and the Courage we need to have, to cut the useless emotional ties between the past and Liberate out Present, using Our vast powers of Imagination and Hope to See inside and make Us the masters of our Fate and not the Painful I’s of the past.

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