A Founding Father’s Words ABOUT THE U.S. CONSTITUTION

Mr. Alexander Hamilton wrote this about our Nation’s Constitution:

“The sacred rights of man(woman)kind are not to be rummaged for among old parchments or musty records. They are written as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself…”

Mr. Hamilton, a Founding Father, subscribes the Constitution to a sacred text living within the pages of our human nature, written there as with light from the Sun, by the hand of divinity. Side by side within the tent of such divine writings are our words, made by human hand, the collective sacred texts of the world’s great religions, chief among them, for Americans, the biblical texts of Western religions.

For all inhabitants of our great nation, these handwritten bibles give us the examples of men and women, historical figures known to us, and some examples needing religious faith in which to believe. Yet all these figures show us, we, who read the words and listen to the sermons, how and why these individuals transform, transfigure, live to change others or stick in their unrepentant ways. They lived in centuries past and in the undiscovered history of ancient times past, but yet, they serve as guides and guideposts for us today.

How many of us have endured and suffered and then, like a sunbeam entering our brows, we obtain a modicum of understanding; the drunk sees his ways and changes; so, too, the incarcerated may, the violent person and the hateful person – sees the light! Those transformations, those changes we make happen through our individual will once we “see” the “light”, entering within, or, already within us, light within and light without meeting in us, become us as mirrors reflecting the lives of personages in the sacred bibles exemplifying those same or similar sufferings.

I wish to conclude with you, that all these bibles are living bibles. The Preach’, the Priest, the Reb, the Iman of our Western and the Shamans of our Native traditions, will all say we grow or diminish in character according to the lives exemplified and written about in these sacred texts and sacred stories handed down through ages. We change, we grow or diminish in the name of the Divinity whose name we know. How then, do we understand, perceive, the words Mr. Hamilton wrote about the Constitution of the United States of America having been “…written as with a sunbeam, in the whole volume of human nature, by the hand of the divinity itself…”?

I wish to further conclude with you, that a particular Founding Father, seems to be saying by inference what I laid out before us, with no degrees in biblical scholarship or constitutional history only my own limited experience, – that the United States Constitution is a living document, no less so than the sacred texts which show us the ways we can develop ourselves. Instead it shows a great nation such as ours how we can change, grow or diminish within its living meanings. But our country, our nation has been living under our Consitution for three times longer than a human life. Many generations have been adorned by its presence, its cloak around our emblems, and, the light yoke around our collective necks, a necklace so to speak, of jewels of wisdom that came into being and words of our constitution, Bill of Rights and subsequent Amendments which all show the “livingness” of these words – through the men and women who lived at our founding times.

To further conclude with you, a nation’s life will endure longer than a mere human’s, far longer if it is allowed to grow through the collective understanding of its inhabitants that its founding ideas, its constitution, has fundamental value that yearns to be applied to the times we live in, that are always lived in, same as an individual who yearns to change within their own lifetime. Consider this: two wheels turning, two circles, one within the other; the larger one is the life of the nation, the smaller one is the life of any one of us. So, the saying that we carry the torch, one generation to the next, to live our concentric lives within the greater circle of the country we live in.

And who is to say, the concentric circles of one human heart within a nation’s heart beats altogether within a grander heart? Whose? Well, who’s to say, random or by design! Love to all, Peace be with you.


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