Babbling Tribes Repeat Again, Say Goodbye, Amazon Men

Over the ice were a few camp fires and some smokey barbecues. Before then there weren’t any campfires, sometimes less ice, sometimes more ice, I wasn’t even here. There was less land and more coastal inundations, and then more dry land, ice and snow, more dry hot deserts here and more high forests and low steamy forests there and then here and then there.

Everywhere and always, both before and during My Lifetime, there was abundant life on the dry land, in the waters and in between. “Fight-? Climate Change“- How ridiculous ! I must say, adapt to it, conform to it and take advantage of the new opportunities our changing environment presents. This is reasonable, this is smart, intelligent. But alas My irrational Mind – though naturally equipped with the tools of Reason, Intelligence and Will – can pick a Fight with My Own Mother! With Her Perfect Planetary Body, My Earth, My Home.

My unbalanced Mind believes it to be the [G-d-the Father-like] cause of warming and changing My Mother’s Earth. Hah-ha-ha. My Mother’s Earth: vast 10 mile high atmosphere of Air overhead everywhere I Am; endless-to-My-eye oceans and deserts, forests and rivers, mountain ranges and coastlines.

Oh, yes, I am a deluded Being who should not be deluded as I have the tools to be superior to the Me that I Am. My own closed Mind’s Eye is peeking out and is seeing My small role, My truly ant-like existence on a World of My Mother’s size and Power. How come? Why, weather-wise, a single winter Nor’easter dumping feet of snow along the Eastern seaboard of North America rises up the energy of Earth equivalent to a hundred of My fabulous hydrogen bombs. One of My Mother’s typical storms, on just one day, in just one small corner of Her Heavenly Self. Armed with this knowledge, should I think Myself has the power to be the primary cause of My Home’s changing climate?

Gadzooks! Towers of Babel! Misunderstood History of My Place in this World, My Earth, My Mother’s Kitchen, My Home. My new History is full of superheroes and super powers and End-of Humanity adventure movies, gee whiz admissions by My own governments of the existence of Other-worldly Beings, of archaeological and scientific “discoveries” that are turning My Egoistic History upside down. Fool that I am, worrying all across My Home, of who should be in charge of My societies when none have power to do anything alone except keep their temporal and selfish power and cause endless Fights in My Home Life. Irrational Me, Ego-driven Me, Thought-less Me.

Grumble, grumble, sleeping, dreaming war, except maybe a few thousands of Me, maybe just Ten of the Billions that I Am who are awake, conscious of Reality beyond My unfortunate myopic view from My Irrational Mind. My tribal wars are leading to My Downfall, a discord among My Selves likened to Archetypal Stories like The Tower of Babel; the same Egos of Pride, Arrogance, Vanity and Greed and arising Anger at work Now as Then.

Look, look, I said to Myself, into the Pool of My History and see for Myself, how it repeats and “repeats in My Ear…oh, you Fool, you never can win…”. Oh, Me of little Faith, stubborn Pride, ignorant bliss, Am at the crossroads not of what or who to fight, the rubbish of My repeated history, or, where to run, take flight to the Moon, Mars, Amazon space colonies, but of an awakened need to Get My Sh_t Together, slap some cold water on My Face, and start to ‘see’ so I can know what to do to remain in My Home, in Peace.

I will then have Her help, the superior Power to aid My Mind to think and reason clearly, inform My Intelligence, reinforce My Will. Mom, Mother, I need you. Please help Me! Let Me try to do this right and keep Me with You. I Love You.

Written with the Hope of staying here in My Home maintaining it more nicely. Eb

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